The 24th World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Industry Exhibition 2025

12-14 June 2025

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Marketing of agricultural and food ecological products

Time: 2020-03-05

The ecological agriculture represents an alternative for production of high quality foodstuffs through the way that preserves the living environment. The eco marketing could be described as a complex system of marketing activities of a firm for production of ecological foodstuffs, for supporting of ecologically oriented consumers lifestyle by providing of sustainable development. To the aspects of buying impulse include health, the healthy quality of foodstuffs and preserving of natural resources. Consumers are generally interested in ecological foodstuffs, however the real demand is on a low level. This situation is caused by the insufficient information source of costumers on the individual and social use of ecological foodstuffs, by their higher price and the narrow assortment as well as unavailability in wide retail. The active use of marketing can help to overcome the barriers of demand for ecological foodstuffs. The communication policy appears the most significant of all marketing tools in the present.